Rules for Visitors and Renters

Beach O’Pines Rules for Renters and Invited Visitors

Beach O’Pines is a private community.

  1. Speed limit is 30 km on all private roads.

  2. No parking on roads, road allowances or at any of the beach cuts.

  3. Our roads are narrow and are shared with pedestrians. Observe all road signs including ‘No Parking’ and ‘Stop’ signs in the area.

  4. Trespassers will be reported to the police.

  5. Garbage receptacles should be removed from main roads after collection.

  6. Do not burn any garbage, rubbish or leaves in the area.

  7. Gain access to the beach only through designated beach cuts.

  8. For the comfort of others, pets should be leashed at all times. Dogs are not allowed on beach.

  9. No glass containers on the beach. Please take your garbage home with you to dispose of.

  10. Fill in your holes dug in the sand before leaving the beach.

  11. Discharge of firearms is prohibited.

  12. Do not operate motors, saws, lawnmowers, leaf blowers and other noisy equipment before noon on Sunday.

  13. Operation of motorized vehicles by unlicensed operators is strictly prohibited.

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